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Picture 1. Workshop Session

As a community engaged in increasing awareness of megafauna conservation (Shark, Rays&Skates, and Sea turtle), GAIA Conservation is expected to spread various information about it. Website is one of the platforms that can be a container for dissemination of information, and it is quite popular. As one of the media that used, the basic knowledge of website is expected to be owned by every member of GAIA Conservation. Then GAIA Conservation members can jointly manage our website.

Picture 2. Photo Session

The workshop website was held on Tuesday 22nd of June 2021. GAIA Conservation invited Rizky Novianti from MDC UNDIP as speaker. We learn about how to create an article and tools that exist on wordpress website. In addition, the speaker also introduced SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The Workshop about website was very interesting and exciting, hopefully with this workshop we can present even better information.

Writer : Riska Adianingsih

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