We held a campaign with a theme of Shark Finning (February 25th, 2018) and Single Use Ocean (March 31st, 2019). Both of these campaigns held at Car Free Day (CFD) Simpang Lima, Semarang.

The Single Use Ocean campaign was held to build awareness of plastic in the ocean which has a disproportionally large impact on marine wildlife and habitats, because plastic material does not bio-degrade, but breaks down into tiny particles known as microplastic.

The Shark Finning campaign was held in the morning, received a positive response from the people of Semarang. This was marked by the community’s contribution in signing a banner approving the shark rescue movement. This form of support is expected to encourage changes in people’s behavior of shark-based products so that the balance of marine ecosystems can be maintained. No shark no healthy ocean.

Speak for the voiceless, sustainable for everyone!